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There is another search engine?? January 30, 2007

Posted by Jordi in Internet, Technology.

I stumbled onto this little gem-

a top 100, yes 100 , list of search engines other than google and yahoo.

I did not have time to check them out, but I am curious as to how they are better than google and what their business plan is.

If you try one, post reaction in comments here.



1. Charley S - January 30, 2007

I looked at three of the search engines. The first was Ms. Dewey which was the source of endless amusement. Basically what happens is the woman talks to you and does wierd stuff while you are searching. The results are essentially the same as google, but they did take longer to load up. ChaCha is the second one I tried. The interesting feature here is that you can actually ask a real life person to go out and find results for you, I guess they do this for a living so they’re good at it. However I thought it was a little on the creepy side and exited before the person found what I was looking for. The last one I looked at was MusicMap, which isn’t a traditional search engine, what it does is you enter in an artist, and it comes back with similar artists displayed on a 2d map, and the closest ones to center have a high probability of being liked by someone who likes the 1st search. It really doesn’t do anything else, so it’s kinda useless. I also found a simply google search engine that takese all 30 or so of googles engines and puts it on one page, I didn’t even know they had that many search engines.

2. Elaine - January 30, 2007

I tried Chacha as well. I thought it was amazing that they provided such a level of personal help, and for free! At first, I was surprised and thought perhaps it was computer-operated until I realized it was an actual person on the other side of the text box. I wonder how their business activities would successfully operate if the site became widespread. Would we have to wait for an actual person to be free? How many people would have to work for Chacha to make it useful? It is the first search engine that provides a human guide which may prove tricky for continual success.

3. Professor Jordi - February 1, 2007

Here is another search engine in beta.

Serph is a directed metasearch engine.

It tracks buzz…


4. Finance Brook - August 31, 2007

Best information site for finance

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