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Super Bowl ads do not meet expectations February 6, 2007

Posted by Meg in advertising, Consumers.

Many critics believe the advertising industry’s efforts failed at this year’s Super Bowl. Agencies normally rate ads based on message, humor, ability to stand out in comparison to other ads, and the ability to motivate the audience. According to many, they failed miserably in every criteria. This year, one advertising agency said, to somewhat quote him, that the ads this year fumbled more than the players on the field.

There were some highlights of course. Many commented about the Budweiser commercials, and the Blockbuster one where an actual mouse is used by a hamster to try to download videos or something of that nature. The Kevin Federline commercial for Nationwide insurance was the most anticipated this year and pleased many while disappointing others.

While this comment does not necessarily pertain to any topic we’ve gone over, I had to post something about the Super Bowl. I’d like to know what some of you thought of the ads and if any of you had favorites.



1. Professor Jordi - February 6, 2007

Can you get some links to some of these quotes and/or ads?

Also, asking people’s feedback is good.

You can add a poll (I think) to your posts by going to

http://www.luckypolls.com and following directions.

2. bdunc1 - February 6, 2007

I thought they all sucked, except the Coke ad that showed all the different bottles in relation to Black History Month (no, I’m not black – just thought it was a cool ad). However, the rest of the Coke ads were all over the place.

3. Abby - February 6, 2007

I really liked the Budweiser commercials. It was no surprise, as every year, they come out quite strong. (Dalmatian, Crab-worshippers, etc)

The Kevin Federline commercial – was… I have mixed reactions. It makes fun of his situation, in that one day he’s married to a famous icon, and the next… he’s a nobody. It got the company’s purpose across though.

I don’t remember what company they were for, but the ‘survive your work week’ commercials really failed in accomplishing anything. They may have initially attracted ‘Lost’ fans, but they were rather scattered.

The most memorable Super Bowl commercial I can think of was probably the ‘streaking sheep’ last year.

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