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emusic vs. itunes vs. cds February 13, 2007

Posted by Elaine in Internet, Technology.

There are many sources where one can buy music from these days. Online stores for music is becoming increasingly popular. Emusic is the second largest online music store, right behind itunes. The reason for its success is its ability to play their music on ipods (majority of mp3 owners own ipods). Their reason for not copy-protecting their songs is because these songs are geared towards a more mature, older population. Emusic charges $9.99 per month for 30 songs while itunes charge $.99 for each song. People perfer emusic because they feel that charging a dollar per song (itunes) is the equivalent to buying a full CD, except the songs have worse quality. Also, emusic only carries independent labels, which actually consists of 28% of all CD sales. There is fierce competition between these two online music stores and it seems that the popularity of these sources only continues to grow with time.

Many labels are still hesitant about legally making heir music available online for the reason that it can easily be reproduced and distributed for free on a widespread scale. Do you think online stores will become the primary source for music in the near future? Would this hinder or help the music industry?

I believe that technology will take over most aspects of our society in the near future, including music sales. Everyone grows up using a computer (even my 3 year old cousin knows how to use one) and it will soon be our top resource for pretty much anything. With the online music store popularity, I think companies will find a way to generate profits somehow.



1. Stacey Swift - February 13, 2007

I agree, eventually the online industry will take over. However, I do not believe this will happen until we are much older. I have not bought a CD in probably about 3 years because I share music with my friends and use itunes. My parents, however, buy CDs much more frequently because they do not have ipods and do not use itunes. As long as their generation is around to buy CDs I believe they will still produce CDs. Now with itunes gives artists a cut making it more profitable for artists, so I can see this continuing in the future.

2. Charley S - February 15, 2007

Technology will most definetely take over in the near future. I buy all of my music online, mostly for the fact that it is much cheaper than buying a CD. I also get most of the movies I watch online as well, which has been slower to catch on but in the future I see as being the principle way of buying movies as well. Companies obviously have to cope with the fact that digital entertainment is extremely vulnerable to piracy, but once these problems are dealt with and their opposition removed it could be very profitable for them.

3. Frostshadow - December 8, 2007

i buy alot of deluxe or imported cds over the internet yea cds im only 18 years old i think its better than itunes music because itunes music is kinda lossy so the music feels kinda “off” but when i buy a cd i rip it to my computer up to 256 kpbs AAC audio file and it sounds just… “Perfect” my advice is buy the cd if you still have a decent hearing but if you dont really care about sound just buy it from itunes the music its standart from the itunes store but not great only itunes plus but those are very few songs with itunes plus. oh 1 more thing don’t steal music from limewire it doesnt show the album art and the quality is awful most of the times.

4. Jack - January 21, 2008

It all depends for me if I love the band I’ll buy the actual CD (P.O.D.’s new album for example I will buy on CD) but mostly I’ll buy iTunes.

5. dan - December 22, 2008

Exactly how is itunes “lossless” have any less info than on a CD – you are fooling yourselves. Sure, a compressed MP3 is going to be missing something, but that’s a whole different thing.

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