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Ford SUV February 13, 2007

Posted by wilson7 in Business-Society Issues, Manufacturing, transportation.

When Ford introduced the Bronco II, it received several warnings from its own engineers not to release the new model due to its unstable design.  Ford executives ignored these precautions and resumed the selling of the Bronco.  However, this once popular SUV was the cause of several thousand rollover accidents, which resulted in several lawsuits that Ford is still paying off today.  Despite the negative effects from the Bronco II release, it appears Ford executives have still not learned their lesson.  The company then launched the new Explorer, which is designed after the Bronco.  Although the vehicle has several new features, it appears to have the same rollover tendencies, as did the Bronco.  Once again, it looks like the Ford Company plans to forgone the necessary alterations and released its SUV despite its safety hazards.  The launch in the Ford Explorer will result in more accident fatalities and further loss of goodwill for Ford.  Do you think there is a flaw in Ford’s technology?  Is Ford using Computer-Aided Design to help solve this rollover problem? Why is Ford’s craftwork or ability to find new techniques to handle existing problems sorely lacking? 

 In the words of Henry Ford, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business.”

But this is exactly what his company is now doing just trying to make money and not caring about the people who buy the cars.  By launching the Ford Explorer in its current design, Ford will be contributing to the already increasing number of accident fatalities.  Through investigation, it has been found that a large number of accident deaths are caused by faulty car design. The problem with the design of the Ford Explorer stems from societies preoccupations with appearance rather than safety.  The more features a vehicle has the more luxurious it is in the minds of consumers.  However, these features increase the risk of death in an automobile accident.  Until we as consumers start to care more about our safety then how the car actually looks automobile makers will keep putting out these unsafe vehicles. How long do you think this will take?



1. Kira - February 14, 2007

I am surprised that Ford still has not learned from its mistakes. Not only has the Ford Explorer and Bronco caused fatalities, but also the Pinto. What is going wrong in their design and manufacturing stages? In the last chapter we read on technology, many different techniques were described. It seems strange that Ford can not restructure what is going wrong in their company. Are they even trying? What are they doing right since the company still exists?
I agree with the above quote by Henry Ford. I am a firm believer that if a company does what is right, the profits will follow. It seems as though most companies that are primarily financially focused always get hurt the most financially in the long-run.

2. Janine - February 25, 2007

Ford is struggling to stay competitive in the car market. It seems like they are losing focus of safety, and trying so hard to get more innovative products in the market to boost sales. Also, aren’t there rules and guidelines out there that the car manufacturers must abide by? If so, these cars are passing, and in that case, don’t we have to question these guidelines?

3. K.C. - February 27, 2007

Ford has taken a lot of heat over its SUV’s and while it may have been an unstable vehicle, it was one of the most popular vehicles in America in the 90’s. Even after consumer digests study that found Ford’s 1st generations Explorer more prone to roll over consumers continued to buy the Explorer line. Even today, SUV’s are much more likely to be involved in a Roll over accident however SUV’s continue to be one of the largest Auto segments.

4. Jordi - April 13, 2007

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