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Kaizen: Continuous Improvement Strategy February 13, 2007

Posted by K.C. in Organizational Design, Technology.

Businesses and top management executives are always looking to stay informed about the latest management techniques and many of these strategies come from Japanese manufacturing companies. Some common management styles include just-in-time inventory and total quality management.

 Kaizen is a technique that has recently become more popular and esentially means that business should at all times explore new things and continuously improve by using “controlled experimentation and then painstaking adoption of the new procedures”. Initially, Kaizen was developed by the Japanese for manufacturing but has since been adopted by companies such as Amazon and other web based companies. Manufacturing companies would use this strategy by experimenting to determine whether a new process resulted in improvements or cost savings.

 However, not every company is able to use this type of strategy because it is difficult to create a controlled experiment for a new product. For example, web based companies can easily change a web page on their site and determine whether the new design attracted new customers without much cost. For companies that sell a product such as Microsoft or Apple, tracking results of a new product or design is more difficult as it is hard to quickly record user feedback. The reason that web based company’s benefit the most is because of the vast amount of daily users that view their sites and the constant evolution of technology.



1. silviamocanu07 - February 13, 2007

I find the Kaizen technique very interesting and I believe it could be of great use to many kinds of organizations.

This type of technique allows for the elimination of waste from the business process and increased efficiency. It is also interesting to see how Japanese techniques have started to become popular globally, considering that until recently the focus has been to adopt US-style processes and management theories. Perhaps the successful models of manufacturers such as Toyota have had a world-wide effect.

2. Jordi - April 10, 2007

What actually goes into Kaizen? Are there particular org structure approaches?

How doe Human Resources practices come to bear?

Why is it hard to switch to Kaizen?

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