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E-commerce: The better way to shop? February 14, 2007

Posted by Janine in Business-Society Issues, Consumers, Internet, Retail.

In chapter 6 of the book, the authors discuss the trend for companies to use e-commerce as a means to reach their customers more directly.  I want to comment on this trend, and applaud it’s effect on various markets.  The introduction of e-commerce has revolutionized shopping as it used to be known.  People no longer have to leave their homes to buy just about anything! Clothes, electronics, toiletries, and even food!   I used to live in NYC.  As some of you in class who also are from NY, there is a company there called Fresh-Direct.  It is an online marketplace that carries most common grocery needs.  All you do is go online, order what you need, and then a day or so later, it will be at your door.  Busy individuals and those who just do not want to leave the house are ecstatic.  Customers avoid crowded supermarkets, long lines, and they benefit by always getting what they want.  This is a good example of a company that supplies its goods directly to their customers, avoiding the middleman retailers and wholesalers.  E-commerce also extends to clothing and electronics.  Every major clothing store and brand has a website where you can purchase clothes, shoes, etc.  This trend is making is difficult for shopping malls and retailers to keep the business.  They have to invent new strategies to get the customers in the stores. Providing special deals and sales are one way many stores do just that. 

 However, while e-commerce has made life simpler, do I think that soon shopping malls and stores will one day become obsolete?  No.  I think there is fun behind the shopping: think trips to the mall, outlet centers, and specialty stores, the interaction with knowledgeable and helpful staff.  What about all the people who go the malls the day after Christmas? It cannot all just be e-commerce, can it?



1. Kira - February 14, 2007

I live in NYC and I love e-commerce! There is NOTHING that you can’t order and have delievered right to your building- any day, any time. It is very convenient for those who do not have a lot of free time to go shopping or run errands. I do not think that malls and stores will become obsolete because stores offer an experience that on-line shopping does not. Most stores now also have websites, so they are not losing customers entirely. I think that stores need to develop unique shopping experiences to keep drawing their customers into their stores. An example of this would be Barnes and Noble vs. Amazon. It may be more convenient to buy books at Amazon, but you lose the experience of going to Barnes and Noble where you can sit down, relax, meet other people, and enjoy your starbucks.

2. larav - February 14, 2007

(Sorry for my English!)
Sincerely I prefer do shopping on stores beacuse i can find real life (people, smiles)!
I use e-commerce only for put credit on my mobilephone or to buy something special that I can find in my country…
I think and I hope that stores will not become obsolete.
E-commerce and stores give two different and exciting experience that we can’t live without…

3. Lady - February 14, 2007

While I do enjoy the convenience of e-commerce, I do not think that it will cause stores to become obsolete. Personally, I don’t buy everything online because I just think there are SOME things that I just can’t buy online. For instance, I don’t buy clothes and shoes online for the simple fact that they can’t guarantee me that they will fit the way I want them do. Then I would have to go through the hassle of sending it back and wait for the corrected sizes. I’d much rather go to the store so that I make sure to get it right the first time. Also, I couldn’t imagine getting my food or other groceries online because I would be concerned with the quality of the food. Maybe that’s just me because I’m a picky person when it comes to that.

In addition, I just enjoy the experience of going out to shop (when I have the time). Where I’m from (Harrisburg), it’s pretty boring there and the main thing we do for fun is shop!

4. Charley S - February 15, 2007

I do not enjoy shopping at all, and consider it a tedious drain on my time. Therefore, I love e commerce because I can find exactly what I want, fast and can compare prices instantaniously. Plus, being in Lewisburg there’s a lot of stuff that you just can’t find here. I do agree that malls will not be going away any time soon, because there are still a lot of things that you need your hands on first to be able to buy. However I think that in the future physical stores will be much more limited because you can literally buy everything from toilet paper to a car online, so stores will be smaller since more inventory is sold online.

5. Jordi - February 17, 2007

I find that I often take longer to buy something on-line. By the time I boot computer find what I want, check epinions or other site to make sure I am getting good product, find my wallet, enter info, figure out shipping option 12c is best, and check my email for receipt, I would have saved time just going to the store.

6. Elaine - February 19, 2007

E-commerce is amazing when you need things quick and easy. However, there is no way “manual shopping” will go out of style. It is one of America’s pastimes and will always remain that way.

7. Abby - February 22, 2007

Shopping online is great, but I’m surprised that no one has mentioned – you never know how something fits unless you try it on!!!

Some online stores do offer a ‘virtual changing room’ so you can see what the entire outfit might look like, and you can sometimes upload a photo of yourself to get an idea of what it’ll look like on you. HOWEVER, shoes, jeans, etc all need to be tried on to get the right fit! Otherwise, you’ll be paying a lot of shipping charges back and forth until u get the one you want.

As for common necessities (groceries) I think shopping online is the ultimate answer for people who may be too busy to run out to the store. Or if you live in a city, a well-stocked store may not be close by, or you may need more than you can carry. If you purchase groceries online, a local branch will deliver it to your front door! – Genius. I already use campusfood.com to order my pizza.

8. K.C. - February 26, 2007

On-line shopping is great for people who don’t live near a big city or a shopping complex. Essentially, e-commerce allows anyone to become connected to outside consumer markets. I think as online shopping becomes easier more people will begin to use it as their main means of shopping.

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