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Amazon is Beginning to Lose Customers February 27, 2007

Posted by wilson7 in Internet.

E-commerce is trade that takes place between companies, and between companies and individual costumers, using IT and the internet. Amazon used to be known as the prototype in e-commerce, now, Amazon’s web pages are becoming overwhelmed with useless information and advertising. Amazon’s product pages are covered with unrelated features, ranging from a gold box over a wish list spree to promotions for reading glasses and other extraneous products. The page was so chaotic that key product information like publication date, page count, and average review rating was three screensfulls below the fold. Why is it important to use the internet effectively? 

“This brings up the total Internet usage estimate to 1,102,844,956 people in the world, and a global penetration rate of 16.8%.”


 Most people on the internet are looking for products to buy and those who are not as computer savvy as others might just say forget it and find a place to shop that is more convenient. Cluttered pages might work for Amazon because its users are typically long-time customers who know the features and can easily screen them out. Although first-time visitors are no doubt overwhelmed, by now they account for a tiny percentage of Amazon’s revenues. Amazon needs to fix this problem before it gets out of hand, and they start to suffer financially because of it. If they would cut out all the extra advertisements the new costumers that they would bring in would make up for this lost of revenue and probably exceed it.



1. Bertan - February 28, 2007

Yeah, I agree that there is a whole lot of stuff that is incredibly distracting.. However, I just ordered something online yesterday and was amazed at the fact that when it came to shipping, I could choose between different options such as “order in 2 hours and get it tomorrow” or order in “28 hours and get it thursday”.. I love the detail and chose to get it delivered today. It was in my PO box and when I went on the site, I could know exactly where the package was on its way here.. ( like at 10 AM it was in Williamsport..)

2. Brian Mulligan - February 28, 2007

For me, I understand how internet sites like amazon and ebay work, but for the older, more affulent generation, they still have trouble locating products that they want. At least from experience, my mom has an incredibly diffcult time finding anything on the web and she graduated from Bucknell in 1974. If Amazon.com wants to attract new customers and keep them, they need to strike a balance between clutter ads that bring in revenue and create a seamless and simple website for those other less-savy internet users.

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