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Toyota: Soon to become the World’s largest automaker? February 28, 2007

Posted by Bertan in Auto's, Consumers, Manufacturing.

Toyota Motor announced yesterday that due to increasing consumer demand, they will be building their 8th North American Assembly plant. The factory will cost approximately $380M and it will be located in Mississippi since it is a relatively low-cost state.

Toyota motor, trailing only GM in the U.S. in the car industry plans to produce 150,000 Highlander Sport vehicles per year, a big favorite in many states. Due to increased demand and incredible growth of 13% in the last annual report, GM is starting to get worried and many government executives are talking about a US political backlash over imports.

The past couple of years have been very successful for Toyota. For example, they overtook DaimlerChrysler in 2006 and Toyota sales included 1.18 million vehichles.. Many competitors fear that Toyota Motor will become the world’s largest automaker this year. Investors, realising the growth, have bought many shares over the past year raising the market share by 2.1 points.

Toyota Motor makes safe, reliant cars and lately they have also focused more on efficiency and design, creating great cars which attract the attention of many people. Which goes to show why they sold 663,948 vehicles just this January…



1. wilson7 - February 28, 2007

I wanted to know if Toyota was working on the new Hybrid vehicles that run on electricity and gas? I know that several automakers are looking into this new type of automible and I would like to know where Toyota is with this?

2. Professor Jordi - February 28, 2007

Why is Mississippi low-cost? Is the labor productivity the same as other states?

3. silviamocanu07 - March 1, 2007

In response to the other comment, actually I went to the Toyota car show in Tokyo last fall and they are working on some pretty incredible hybrid projects. These range from electrical cars to cars that are adapted to people with disabilities. One of the models that I saw did not even look like an actual car. It was meant to be more for the city and it looked more a a huge seat with wheels. Really neat stuff!

4. silviamocanu07 - April 10, 2007

While I was in Japan last semester, I actually went to the Toyota showroom in Tokyo (it is more like a car-themed amusement park) and they are working on hybrids that use electricity.

One of the main things that the company stresses is product innovation and I believe that they have a strong chance of becoming first in the market with a revolutionary car in the near future.

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