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Internships- Get your Hands Dirty in the Public Interest March 6, 2007

Posted by Jordi in Class announcements, Public Interest.

The career center has a program, BPIP, m to highlight Public Interest internships.

@BPIP’s goal is to keep you updated on events and information pertaining to the non-profit / public interest sector that will help you prepare for your next step, whether it is landing an internship, a full-time job or going on to graduate school.

Reasons to look into these:

  1. You can pursue an interest of yours or develop a new one.
  2. The size and nature of these organizations  means you are likely to get much more intense experience.
  3. The issues of power, organizational politics, and change are throbbing in public interest organizations.
  4. They make you more distinctive in interviews for jobs or graduate schools.  They reflect someone who has a developed sense of self and of public engagement.  Every employer wants someone who can work for the greater good.
  5. There has been huge growth in civil society/public interest organizations.
    1. There has been a dramatic expansion in the size, scope, and capacity of civil society around the globe over the past decade, aided by the process of globalization and the expansion of democratic governance, telecommunications, and economic integration.  As an illustrative example, the number of international NGOs was reported to have increased from 6000 in 1990 to 26,000 in 1999.
    2. One study estimates that about 8.8 million Americans work in the non-profit sector.  This is 8.2% of the labor force, more than work in financial services and transportation and about the same as in durable goods manufacturing.

I would be happy to talk/persuade more of you about this.  For example, the current BPIP newsletter has an internship at the NY Museum of Television and Radio.



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