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Apple’s i phone March 19, 2007

Posted by Charley S in brand, innovation, Technology.


This article discusses how apple’s new phone can potentially revolutionize the cell phone industry.  The biggest change is the new touch screen technology that is being used to work the entire phone.  Basically, you have an i pod sized device but instead of a screen and a wheel there is a giant, color touch screen.  You work the entire phone including email, texting, phone, camera and Internet with the touch screen that is much brighter and more durable than similar technology in use today.  In addition to this change, the Internet will now be the actual Internet instead of dumbed down cell phone Internet and text messages will be displayed in bubbles on the screen in an easy to access system.  The biggest downside: a minimum $400 price tag and a 2 year comittment to cingular.  This may be the future of phones but it’s going to be awhile before I get motivated enough to buy one.

Apple’s strategy in this area parallels the way they entered the mp3 player market: instead of pioneering the way with innovation they just take the existing technology, notice the problems and fix them.  With i pods apple noticed the problem of mp3 players being unwieldy to use with the computer and bad aesthetic design.  i pods improved with the introduction of i tunes on practically every computer and making them pleasing to the eye.  The strategy that apple is pursuing with phones is the same.  Apple let the phone companies clear the path with innovation and is now fixing the mistakes in the phones.  In addition to fixing technological flaws, apple has a hip image with the public and young consumers will be very likely to spend money on this product.  Only time can tell if apple can make it in this cutthroat industry, but even 1% of the phone industry is worth billions of dollars and can be extremely profitable for apple. 



1. Elaine - March 19, 2007

I’m actually not a fan of the touch-screen technologies these days. My current cell phone is half touch-screen and it is the most annoying device! It sends messages acidently, dials random numbers without my command, etc. My friend’s phone (also touch screen) doesn’t work sometimes – that may be her fault though because she has dropped it. Overall, I’m not a huge fan of touch-screen, so I probably won’t be on line to buy this iphone. I predict there will be lots of problems with this phone, but that’s just my opinion!

2. Stacey Swift - March 20, 2007

I agree with Elain, touch screens can be tricky. I do not have one, because I can’t use them! and my fingers are pretty small too, but its still so easy to make a mistake and call the wrong person. However, Apple is very innovative and I believe they will be able to improve the technology. I really like the idea of a faster internet, but I would not be able to pay $400 for a phone. If they continue to develop technology and lower the price, I think Apple has a good chance of gaining more market share.

3. wilson7 - March 20, 2007

I don’t agree with Elaine or Stacy I like the new touch phones even though they can be a little difficult to operate. I do think that several of the younger people will purchase these phones, not the older individuals. Most older people like simple phones that they can just use while younger people go for style. Its crazy though that if they can steal one percent of the market then they can make billions of dollars. They might need to come down off the four hundred price to sell more phones.

4. Brian Mulligan - April 1, 2007

I think that the iPhone is sweet, but I’d never buy it. 400 dollars, what? For a college student, its impractical. They advertise it as a mutlimedia center with television/movies, internet, music, etc. but is it practical? Can I take it to the gym to workout with?

I think that the price will drop as it has for a lot of other phones. I remeber the Motorola Razr was priced at around 200 dollar, but now its like 50 bucks. I still think that the iPhone will sell well as all of Apple’s products have and it will grab a large share of the market especially with the younger customers looking for hip new products.

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