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“When I was your age.. we had car taxis” April 3, 2007

Posted by Elaine in Birth, innovation, transportation.

Perhaps all the fictional inventions we see in futuristic movies are slowly coming into play. I came across an article that I found completely mind blowing. Is the next big thing in the transportation an air taxi? This is basically a small jet that carries passenger from one city to another that most major airlines miss. This company, DayJet, will not have the traditional scheduled flights that normal airlines practice. It will schedule their flights around their customers and take off at last minute notices. Private flights are not limited only to the wealthy anymore.

This is going to be a difficult company to get off the ground (no pun intended ha). As we learned in class, this is an example of exploiting, venturing out into a new niche. They can either be really successful and gain loyal customers, or they could risk their billion dollar company and lose it all. These planes need to be 80% full for the company to just break even. The idea is good, but is it practical?

What do you think of this company’s idea? Is it worth risking everything to explore this new idea of travel?



1. Janine - April 3, 2007

This idea seems like a good one in theory, but I have to admit I am a bit hesitant about using them. Can we allow innovation to take us here? To this level? It seems frightening. Will we one day look up above and not be able to see the sky, but rather a bunch of small aircrafts?
While the time it would save people certainly makes this innovation attractive, it still is somewhat expensive. I am curious to know more about the time schedules, and just how in fact these planes are at disposal. I will look for more to come.

2. Abby - April 3, 2007

There is a larger commuter population nowadays, with people less inclined to want to live in a city. I’ve observed (in my great air travel experience) that there are people who commute everyday by plane. However, is the market big enough? Also, it would be taking business away from the branches of larger airlines, such as Ted which is a small carrier for United, who are already struggling in the air-travel market.

3. Jordi - April 3, 2007


You describe this as exploiting a new niche. That is perfectly fine English, but just to be careful, do you think launching this company is exploratory or exploitative learning?

If exploratory learning is defined by acquiring new knowledge about solutions that are relatively uncertain or unprogrammed, and exploitative learning is acquiring new knowledge based on well-known and predictable solutions, then would you say DayJet is engaging in exploitation or exploration?

4. Jordi - April 3, 2007

Looking at the article, how important do you think it is that DayJet’s founders came from computer industry? Doest he answer to above (exploitation or exploration) depend on your context?

5. Stacey Swift - April 3, 2007

This does sound like exploratory learning because this has never been done before. I am a bit confused by the use of the term taxi. When I think of taxis I think of short distances. Are they referring to short flights, such as cities in close proximity? It seems that this already exists, and these short flights have difficulties. Last week my team learned about how Southwest encountered problems with thier routes within Texas. Also, if the distances are short, I’m not sure it will be time efficient with airport security measures. I am reading the 9/11 commission right now and I do not think the FAA and other government agencies will like this idea.

6. Kira - April 4, 2007

I also think this is more exploratory than exploitative learning. I think that this is a good idea, but not one that would ever work or that I would ever use. I understand that with a majority of the airlines in bad shape, such as continental and southwest which we have read about in class, that other companies are using this time as an opportunity to thrive. However, I would rather fly with a major airline company because I feel safer knowing that everyone has gone through security. How will this work on these air taxis? Do passengers go through security or is it like a car taxi where you just get right in? Will the air taxi’s operate through the major airports?

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