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Apple TV April 4, 2007

Posted by Bertan in innovation, Technology.

Apple Inc. announced last wednesday that they are starting to ship a new product line into the US market. The product is called APPLE TV and for the moment only supports media downloaded through itunes. However, the media played on Apple TV will be the same as DVD quality with superb sound techonology. Apple TV works through a wireless connection and is touted as delivering entertainment to a TV screen rather than watching the media on your personal computer. The new product will have a memory of 50 hours of video, 9,000 songs or 25,000 photos, or a combination of the three formats. The price at the moment stands at $299.

I chose this article because we went over this topic in class last week. Apple has been growing dramatically over the past 5 years due to changes in their management, designs, reliable and super products and creative advertising. I feel like every time I look online at the Apple site, they have introduced something new whether its software or hardware. This shows they are trying to enter new markets and keep growing, however I am also worried that they might be trying too hard. You may disagree with me, but I feel that some of the new products we see in their stores are completely useless. I am really curious to see what happens with this new TV because I feel like it would be a complete waste of money. What do you guys think?



1. collage9 - April 4, 2007

I can see where you’re coming from with the questioning of this new TV. I don’t know much about it, but it doesn’t seem like something I’d be interested in buying. Apple is always coming up with new ideas and I too wonder if this could actually hurt them eventually. They might be so set on developing new products and entering new markets that a lot of their new ideas might not work out. At some point, they need to concentrate on what they do best to make sure that those products have continued success.

2. Abby - April 8, 2007

Would Apple TV simply be a movie/show player? To lose cable/satellite TV access and simply run it through Apple is a tough market to sell to. Now, with things like TiVo people can control the TV, what they’re able to watch, etc easily. There is no need for a new TV, let alone one limited to apple products.

iTunes/iPods work because they can still be played on computers and burn CDs. I imagine, Apple TV wouldn’t have this flexibility.

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