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Forces of change for strip clubs April 10, 2007

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I read an article from The Enquirer entitled, “New rules for strip clubs?: Tough new laws could go on Ohio’s ballot.” Basically the article discusses how a group called Citizens for Community Values is putting pressure on Ohio state legislators to pass a Community Defense act which would put restrictions on how strip clubs run their organization. Nude dancing would be banned after midnight and before 6 a.m. In addition, customers would not be allowed to get within six feet of a dancer. Violation of these laws would lead to $1,000 fine and jail time.  

Supporters of the enactment of this law are seeking legislator’s approval because it makes the petition process go a lot faster. However, some people, such as strip club owners, are not in favor of this legislation. So I’d like to post my blog on how strip clubs function as organizations and how forces of change might affect their business. So I was able to point out social forces such as demands from some citizens to tighten their rules in the strip clubs. These citizens feel as though strip clubs have negative effects on the community, such as promoting prostitution and lowering property values.


Another social concern that I thought of was the fact that many of the dancers who work in the strip clubs end up living a corrupted life. In a sense, strip clubs ruin some girls’ lives by promoting promiscuous behaviors. Might some political forces of change also be involved with this situation since legislation is involved? Brian Rothenberg, executive director of a liberal activist group called ProgressOhio, said it is possible that the decision on the legislation could get pushed to 2008 “to drive up turnout for the presidential election.”

What do you guys think of this issue? Should this legislation be passed? Do these strip clubs have a moral obligation to consider to effects that they have on the community including the dancers who work in the strip clubs? Or should the government stay out of this issue because the strip clubs are just providing a service which is highly demanded and helps to also create jobs for these dancers? Do you think that strip clubs will be able to resistance these forces of change?



1. Stephanie - April 10, 2007

This is an interesting topic… my initial response would be in support of the legislation, as I don’t find a need for the services that industry provides. However eliminating significant shifts for the dancers could be greatly alter many womens’ lives both positively, and also negatively. Despite some women’s promiscuous behavior, other women use the job to earn money for college or to help if their other job is not enough to support them or their families. They depend on the money they earn from dancing to earn an education and have no intention of continuing doing so once they have earned the degree.

I think the six-feet restriction is a good idea for the clubs to enforce, even if they the legislation is not passed.

I’m not sure how the industry will be changing in the future, as since the 1960’s sexuality seems to more and more open. Looking at entertainers, musicians and actors, sexuality is flaunted in all types of media. This may be encouraging for strip clubs, but certainly many neighborhoods will not be accepting of such businesses.

2. Elaine - April 10, 2007

This is such a bazaar topic for Congress to focus on. There are so many more important issues we can deal with. Strippers make money providing this form of entertainment. It is better than what prostitutes/pimps do. If anything, they should pass laws stating that no promiscuous activity are allowed between the stripper and the customers (not sure if it is legal or not currently). The way strip clubs are running have not had any huge detrimental impacts as of yet, so I say we leave them alone unless it becomes a problem.

3. wilson7 - April 11, 2007

I believe that this is a very interesting topic for Congress to get involved in. Strip clubs have been around for decades, without many rules now to try and institute these drastic rules can have a tremendously negative affects on this industry. I think that several men would stop going to strip clubs or go less often if there were less interaction with the female dancers. This might make these dancers have many more private parties where there would be less protection for them because there would not be any bouncers or people to protect them, just the men that attended the party. This may lead to several more women being raped or sexually assaulted because of the lack of protection. It will be very interesting to see what Congress does with the strip club issue.

4. Jordi - April 13, 2007


I read once that actually crime is low within tow blocks of strip clubs, lower than its surrounding neighborhoods. The reason was because the lights and security of the clubs acted a deterrent for crime near by.

Neighbors will still object, of course.

5. georgio1 - May 29, 2008

Basically, I thik that the idea that strip clubs are meccas for crime is totally bogus. Today’s strip clubs are nothing like the smoke filled, crime infested clubs of yesteryear. Today’s strip clubs are multi-million dollar businesses. I write for exotic dancer magazine and have seen owners of clubs really struggle with how to deal with city officials in a community. The best thing a club can do is ban together with other clubs and get involved. All it takes is one person to show up at a city counsel meeting and complain about a club. In many instances, there are no representitives from a club and laws get passes with our knowledge by the strip club community In Chicago (Where I am From) it’s gotten so bad that you can’t even have a cigar in a club. Worse yet, it’s impossible to visit a club that has nude entertainment and serves alcohol Anyhow, a good source is the Chicago Strip Club List. Sounds like Ohio is going the way of Chicago.

6. Juniper Rose - August 11, 2009

I can only comment from my own experience, but I work in a Strip Club in New York City and when New York cracked down on prostitution and tried to clean everything up, things inside the club actually got dirtier. Here’s why I think that this happens. Anyone who says there isn’t a demand for places like this hasn’t read history. In my opinion, when people are not given a safe and respected outlet for sex, their options for that behavior become more depraved, dirty and unsafe. However, they will always find other options. For instance, as New York clubs become secretly dirtier since there are no longer prostitutes hanging out outside, the dancers and the clients in the club are not given the same protections as the brothels in more tolerant Las Vegas for instance. The same could happen for your Ohio clubs. Most people attend clubs between the hours of midnight and 4am, with that option shut to them, where will they go and what will they do instead? Could Ohio actually work in reverse of New York then, seeing a rise in street prostitution? Rules like a 6 feet minimum are a nice idea, though rarely are actually followed and don’t apply once a champagne room is acquired. Also, I notice that most clients of strip clubs are actually well respected men trying to add some spice to their life in a ‘respected way,’ not low life crazies. And women working in the club choose that life. If they are the type to let it ruin them, they’d probably find some way of ruining themselves strip club or no strip club, quite honestly. I think tolerance is better. Let people have a safe and respectable outlet. Society will benefit.

7. rachels22 - September 6, 2009

This is a pretty good blog. Hope you keep writing!

8. rachels22 - September 11, 2009

I thought about your article a little bit more. The truth is, yes many strippers live corrupt lives, but I don’t think it’s up to the conservatives to try and tell anyone how to live their own lives. This group mentioned in Ohio is a Conservative right wing group. What’s funny is, they like to preach about indviduality, but on the same token, force their values down our throats. Last time I checked, it was the conservatives with all the sex scandals. Sorry for the rant.

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