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Don Imus April 11, 2007

Posted by collage9 in Idiocy, insipid, media.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Don Imus, a radio host, made some very racial and sexist remarks directed towards the Rutger’s women’s basketball team recently. He even went as far as to call the girls “hos” and said that they looked more like an NBA team than a girls college basketball team. Imus’ show is aired on CBS Radio and can also be found on TV on MSNBC through NBC Universal. After the recent remarks, CBS and NBC have decided to suspend Imus for two weeks starting next Monday. Imus has apologized for his comments and said that his show is meant to be funny and sometimes they take it too far, and this time, they took it way too far. I’d say so. It makes me wonder if this two week suspension is enough. Many have called for Imus’ firing and want him off the air completely. Although I’m not sure this is the right choice either. Do you think that CBS and NBC did enough in their punishment of Imus? Major corporations like CBS and NBC have to worry about their image and their integrity. If other people think the punishment is not enough as well, will it have a harmful effect on the two stations? I’m curious to see how this situation plays out.



1. Jordi - April 12, 2007


Thanks for posting on this. As an athlete, do you think part of the blowback is because he went after a more protected or “innocent” category. He is a shock jock and a comedian (I guess, I never thought he was that funny). If this had been about a criminal, a politician, or a “celebrity,” it might have passed. But these women are championship basketball players.

Also, there is a long history of race, racist stereotypes and sports. Imus is of a generation that thought it completely normal to state that Black athletes were more “natural” and therefore not smart or hard-working. Black running back, sure. Black quarterback, no way.

Anyway, update, his show was pulled from the NBC TV network. You are right point out that the consolidation of media may introduce lots of unpredicatibility. He has been saying things like this for along time, but when his was a (big) niche or radio listeners it was different than when his content can be pushed out in multiple media. Not to mention the longevity of images in the era of YouTube.

We only ever see glimpses of what is going on inside companies and organizations. I mentioned he has been buidling a long list of ticked off people and media colleagues.

See this post: http://skepticalbrotha.wordpress.com/2007/04/11/msnbc-nixes-imus/

And here is gwen Ifill’s repsonse to this incident:
Imus apparently said the following about Ifill during her tenure at the New York Times: “Isn’t The Times wonderful — it lets the cleaning lady cover the White House.”

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