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Internet Advertising April 17, 2007

Posted by Stacey Swift in advertising.

As I was searching through websites looking for news to make a post, I was overwhelmed with the number of pop up adds, so I decided to do a post on that instead.  As I typed in Businessweek.com I was brought to a page on the Hilton, I was trying to get out of it and clicked in the center of the page, and it brought me to a page on Hilton vacations.  Do you experience the same problems when you are trying to search the web.  How about the pop up adds that say, “Congratulations you have won $10,000, click here for your prize!”  Do you ever fall for these?  Google’s recent acquisition of Double Click must mean Internet advertising really does work.

Have you ever been persuaded to purchase something from Internet advertising?  I personally avoid them at all cost.  Also, if you were a company how much would you be willing to pay to advertise online?



1. Stephen - April 17, 2007

No I don’t fall for them.

Don’t be fooled by Google aquisition of Double Clickto think that banner advertising works. A classic symptom of successful companies is what Investment Guru Peter Lynch calls “Diworsifications”… put simply, their initial business is so successful they can’t resist the temptation to aquire others with all their excess cash, which are usually bad moves. Most aquisitions are worth less in the long run than what a company pays for them. The only real internet advertising that works is Google ad words, becasue its tailored & niche. Interuption advertising is dying a quick death as we move to a permision based and word of ‘mouse’ environment where we only trust our inner circle. Not some companing spamming us.


2. Brian Mulligan - April 18, 2007

Interesting point. I agree that interuption advertising is a dying breed. I thought it was interesting that you mention permision bades and word of “mouse” advertising over the internet. It seems that the internet is becoming a completely seperate world from the reality. Word of mouth always is a very effective way of adversiting versus the mass bombardment by companies, but how will word of “mouse” work? Over AIM or just talking to a buddy about a website or product on the web. How would the permission based environment work?

3. Stephen - April 18, 2007

Agree that pay per action is the future. Classic – no tricks.

The way permision based marketing works is either a conversation or recommendation by a ‘trusted source’ – this is never the organisation selling something. It’s a friend / colleague / high profile blogger. Put simply someone whose reputation with you is personal and ‘on the line’ if they make a bad recommendation. It can be done electronically (word of mouse) or verbally (word of mouth). The point is they have your trust and permission to talk to them, becasue there is nothing financial in it for them. They just think it is remarkable enough to talk about. Becasue we are all now interconnected we don’t need force fed media to advise us of anything. See Seth Godin’s e-book “Permission Marketing” – free on the web. (A live example of word of mouse)

4. collage9 - May 3, 2007

Personally, I always just completely ignore all of the advertisements that pop up on my computer, no matter what they say. I usually don’t even look at them by the time a close them and certainly have never been persuaded to buy anything by them. Internet advertising to me is just annoying and I really wonder how effective it is. I definitely would not want my company advertising on the internet because I think it is very ineffective and a waste of money. This is why I’m kind of puzzled by Google’s purchase of Double Click. But, I guess this says that not everyone simply ignores whatever pops up on their computer.

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