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Leaders April 17, 2007

Posted by wilson7 in Workplaces.

In my Management 312 class we were talking about leadership and leaders today and I just wanted to get some feedback on the type of people you hope to work for in the future. What traits or characteristic would you like your boss to have? Would you like him/her to be the charming, jeans-wearing CEO whose dramatic unveiling of the Apple iPhone in January drove the stock up 8 percent by day’s end? Or is he/she been chronicled in several books, the classic jerk boss, notorious for belittling subordinates and business partners? Most people would say they would want the charming easy-going boss who knows how to talk to people but some individuals just do not respond to this type of boss. A number of employees need someone always looking over their shoulder making sure they are doing the right thing. What kind of employee are you?


A perfect boss doesn’t take care of those who work for him. He is much more effective than that. The perfect boss treats those who work for him as if they were his most important suppliers. Which, of course, they are. Their supply of services is his biggest personal dependency.



CEOs and top managers should be authentic, considerate, sensitive, and modest, as well as creative, smart, and strategically brilliant. It would be wonderful if workplaces were filled with leaders who behaved as polite, mature adults. Despite their track records of success, Apple, Oracle, and
Hollywood studios have lost a lot of talent to nasty behavior. But utopia is impossible, which is why management consultants and authors should stop talking so much about how to find an ideal leader and instead focus on placing people into jobs that play to their strengths – and where their flaws won’t be fatal.



1. Stacey Swift - April 17, 2007

I don’t think I would want to work for someone who is constantly looking over my shoulder because I would spend too much time worrying about if I was pleasing them rather than doing my job. I think I would enjoy a laid back environment, as long as it did not set a laid back pace for work. I think you are walking a fine line if you become too relaxed and people will not do their work. I also think I would need a boss who is very accessable.

2. Charley S - April 18, 2007

I’m now going to try to describe the ideal military leader that I’m shooting to become. The most important aspect is that the leader must care for his soldiers. However, do not confuse this with being liked. To really care for soldiers you must push them physically and mentally to do everything the right way because lives are at risk. To do this you have to be a hard driving jerk a lot of the time. The most important part is to share in all the miserable tasks and risks that they do and to lead by example.

3. collage9 - May 3, 2007

I think people tend stress the importance of liking your boss a little too much. I would much rather respect someone who is leading me than like them. Without respect from your employees, I don’t think you can be a very good leader. I’m not saying that you have to be a complete jerk all of the time, but you definitely can’t be a pushover. Leaders have to know when to be tough on their employees and need to push them to do their very best. If you work well for your boss and you respect him, I think that will lead to creating a good relationship anyway.

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