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Taking child education to the next level April 19, 2007

Posted by Janine in Education, innovation.

Ok, so I was talking with my dad recently, and he was telling me about all the new toys that my 7 year old brother is playing with nowadays.  Most were pretty basic toys for someone his age, but one thing that caught my attention was a game called “Webkinz.”


I do not know if any of you have heard of this, but kids go online and “adopt” / pay for an animated stuffed animal. Then they are given a room for this animal, name it, etc.  Well the interesting thing about this game is that then you are given webkinz dollars.  You start out with 2,000, then depending on how well you care for your animal, and also depending on how well you do on the trivia games you can play on the site, then the kids are awarded more money.  They then use this money to buy more food, clothes, furniture, more animals to add to the family!  At the bottom of the screen, the kids can see how happy their animal is!!

 My little brother is obsessed with this game.  He heard about it from all his friends, and apparently, my father was saying, it is becoming a household name in homes with children.

Isn’t is quite amazing what “toys” have become?  I remember only having Barbies, and other such dolls and board games.  Now, everything is interactive.  It is all done on the computer.  This online game is an example of where our future is going.  It is almost scary to imagine what our kids will be playing with someday!



1. Stephanie - April 26, 2007

I just commented on another blog post about the conference calls. Similar to that, I think there is both a benefit to the technology and also negative results, especially for children. This toy you mention seems to teach children some great skills about being responsible. In general though I worry that children who use computers and other technology games too much do not interact with other kids and do not develop interpersonal skills.

2. Lady - April 27, 2007

I agree with Stephanie. I can’t say that I ever really played with Barbie dolls (it’s obvious I was a tomboy), but I know that I interacted alot with children by playing outside and also playing board games. As I commented previously on another post, I don’t like how technology is causing children to be glued to a tv or computer screen more often. In addition to lessening their interaction with children, it’s also probably destroying their vision so much more people are going to be needing glasses and contacts in the future. This toy reminds me of those GigaPets that I’m sure many of you remember having.

3. Jordi - April 28, 2007

Um, isn’t a board game interactive? Isn’t taking a barbie doll and having it talk to ken or drive around interactive?

4. wilson7 - May 1, 2007

Growing up I did not really play with action figures, I either played some sport outside or I played videogames on Saga or Nintendo. Personally, I believe that sports are the best type of interaction because it teaches a child how to be competitive and it allows them to exercise. But I think that playing videogames also helped out a lot because I was never really a heavy reader but when playing games like Donkey Kong or Super Mario you have to read a lot to get thru the game. So I think so games are good as long as it helps the child develop skills

5. collage9 - May 3, 2007

It is amazing to me what kids these days are playing with at such a young age. I couldn’t imagine having “toys” like this, especially at such a young age. These new toys, however, are adding to the growing problem of child obesity in America. All kids seem to play with these days are video games and computer games. All of this sitting around I think is definitely contributing the obesity problems among youths today. I agree with Terrance in the fact that the best type of interaction is going outside and playings sports or participating in other activities. I know this is how I spent much of my childhood and I think it’s sad to see how much less kids are doing this today. Getting kids off the couch and away from the TV and computer I think is very important in the fight to get America healthy.

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