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Steroids in Baseball May 3, 2007

Posted by collage9 in Sports, sustainable development.

One organization, Major League Baseball, is in the midst of a crisis that is causing a lot of harm to their game.  As probably all of you know, we are in the middle of what is known as the “steroid era” of baseball.  This is obviously not a good image that the league currently has for itself.  A lot of people are questioning the integrity of the game and are very critical of the MLB.  Steroid cases are continually being heard in the courts and the problem has really gotten out of control.  The MLB let the problem get out of control in the first place (with lenient testing policies beginning in the 1990’s) and it is now their responsibility to fix it.  However, it is not something that seems like it will go away in the near future.  It is very interesting to me to watch how the league continues to handle the situation, as we all know they have many people who are very critical of their game right now.  How do you think they should handle the situation?  Should they be as cooperative as possible with the government and try and catch everyone who has taken steroids?  Should they be very active and harsh in distributing penalties?  Should there be asterisks placed in the record books for people who played during the steroid era?  Should the MLB try and downplay the situation and make it seem as if it’s being resolved?  The league has a very serious image problem right now and I am interested to see how they continue to handle the situation.



1. Janine - May 4, 2007

those players jacked up on juice should know that whatever records they are setting are unreliable. Can we thank talent or drugs for their 70 home runs?

I think to maintain the purity of the game, strict punishment should be mandated on players caught using these performance enhancers. thats just it, they are performance inhancers! therefore, their performance is tampered with, not real almost.

so what i think MLB needs to do is get their act together. they should evaluate what image they want the teams portraying. i would think it would be one of fair play and fair competition. by allowing steroid use to continue, and to downplay its significance is allowing this issue to perpetuate.

2. Brian Mulligan - May 8, 2007

The MLB must put into action a plan to be able to test all of the athletes at certain points during the season. I feel that they should delegate these responsiblities to the individual teams to ensure that they are fully responsible for their athletes.

On a side note, I think that it’s complete garbage that all these records are being broken by athlets on steriods. The real athletes set the records as some of the best players in baseball. For example, Barry Bonds may or may not have taken steriods, but he’s going to break Hank Aaron’s record of the most home runs. Who knows what is going to happen to baseball, but these need to change.

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