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Do we have control of the ‘bubble’? April 10, 2007

Posted by Abby in Business-Society Issues, humor, Organizational Culture.
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Bucknell is often praised to be a liberal institution.  Our professors are from mixed backgrounds, with mixed opinions, orientations and beliefs.  Why then, are our students so often said to be homogenous?

One sarcastic student wrote in the Bucknellian: “Take a look around, diversity is everywhere. Some people prefer J. Crew, while others are all about Abercrombie. Certain fraternities choose to serve Natural Light, and others enjoy Schaefer. Some kids drive BMWs, while some sport Audis. Clearly, it’s your eyes that need to be opened, not mine. ”

The Plan for Bucknell has 5 main aims, one being diversity.  Diversity is not limited to an increase in the international or culturally diverse students, but those from varying backgrounds too.  Even with all these measures, the University’s control of the student-body makeup alone will not change the attitudes immediately – right?

Would you agree that we are a liberal institution (professors, deans, administrators), with a conservative audience/customer base (the students, or student’s families) ?


Britney in REHAB February 28, 2007

Posted by Bertan in humor, media.

I know this has nothing to do with business or organization, but I was shocked to know that this star that we all hear about and either hate/love, checked herself in to rehab last week.. Yep, Britney Spears. They wanted to keep the location secret but of she was of course found, in California. Photos of her smoking and drinking were taken by the paparazzi.
One thing I found really interesting was, it apparently cost her around £40,000 to check herself into rehabitilation. Does that make any sense?? I don’t know maybe I am being naive but I feel that it should be a merit good funded by the government, or at least it should cost MUCH less than that to get your life back in order.
Another ridiculous but incredibly interesting rumor was that Britney shaved her head because Federline, her ex, threatened to get her hair tested for drug use, in order to gain custody of their sons. Another rumor is that Brit she went bald because she was suffering from terrible head lice, which is just gross.
Alright please don’t get me wrong, I have no interest in her life, but I just find it funny that the same girl who was claiming she was innocent and who was part of the mickey mouse club when she was young, ended up like this. Which goes to prove that star life is not that sweet.

FEMA Calls Rebuilding Complete As New Orleans Restored To Former Squalor | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source February 6, 2007

Posted by Jordi in humor.

THIS is HUMOR.  IT IS NOT REAL.  Read on for sharp-edged satire.