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A Risky Investment April 18, 2007

Posted by Charley S in Idiocy.


When most people think of investing, one of the most important factors is risk.  A basic rule is that the more risk you take, the higher the potential is that you will have a high return.  So, for normal people who don’t want risk they put their money in a mutual fund or a money market account; if people want risk they may invest directly into stocks.  The investors in this article have a very different conception of risk.  They are looking to start a 5 star hotel in the middle of the green zone in Baghdad, Iraq.  Here, there is a lot more risk than we are usually used to.  There is the danger that the country will collapse, no one will actually visit the hotel, suicide bombers, truck bombers, and random bullets flying into peoples rooms.  The people in charge state that security will be the most important part of the hotel, and who can argue.  They also state that there is currently a market for this product (which will cost $1500 a night) who as of right now live in standards comparable to a highway motel in the U.S.  I’m not entirely sure what I think about this business idea, but I know that I probably would not invest all my life savings into it right now.  These investors are placing their trust in the Iraqi government to be stable for a long time, which I am not too keen on. 


Don Imus April 11, 2007

Posted by collage9 in Idiocy, insipid, media.
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As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Don Imus, a radio host, made some very racial and sexist remarks directed towards the Rutger’s women’s basketball team recently. He even went as far as to call the girls “hos” and said that they looked more like an NBA team than a girls college basketball team. Imus’ show is aired on CBS Radio and can also be found on TV on MSNBC through NBC Universal. After the recent remarks, CBS and NBC have decided to suspend Imus for two weeks starting next Monday. Imus has apologized for his comments and said that his show is meant to be funny and sometimes they take it too far, and this time, they took it way too far. I’d say so. It makes me wonder if this two week suspension is enough. Many have called for Imus’ firing and want him off the air completely. Although I’m not sure this is the right choice either. Do you think that CBS and NBC did enough in their punishment of Imus? Major corporations like CBS and NBC have to worry about their image and their integrity. If other people think the punishment is not enough as well, will it have a harmful effect on the two stations? I’m curious to see how this situation plays out.