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Blogging, Learning, and Organization Theory January 13, 2007

Posted by Jordi in Networks, Pedagogy.
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This blog is an experiment in using interactive writing technology (the blog) to foster a spirit of shared inquiry and probing inquisitiveness (learning) about the critical and interesting issues of organization theory as we can observe them in the world today.

My plan is to have all of the students in my Spring 2007 Organization Theory class join as authors. We will use this blog as a current events scrapbook. Each student will be repsonsible for at least one post a week. The posts should be reflections on current events that involve organizations. They should aspire to link observations about the world we live in to ideas, concepts, implications, and theory from organization theory.

For example, this week I read that AT&T is going to spend a billion (?) dollars on an ad campaign to scrub Cingular from its cell service and replace it with AT&T. This is amusing because Cingular grew out of the old breakup up of AT&T (but it is a longer organizational history than this). Some interesting questions come up. Why would AT&T decide to torpedo a successful brand? Has the regulatory environment changed so that AT&T can re-emerge as a monopoly? When businesses are bought, sold, and reconfigured so quickly and in so many bewildering ways, does it make any sense to talk about organizations? Is there athere there, or are organizations simply legal narratives with some financial properties? In that case, are the other ingredients of organizing- decision-making, control, work design, culture, adaptation- are distributed among formal and informal networks? 💡

This is an unfolding experiment. We are “winging it.” 🙂