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Honeybees – Bees Vanish, and Scientists Race for Reasons April 26, 2007

Posted by Jordi in agriculture, Organizations and Mother Earth, science.

The bees are leaving! This is so weird. Life is stranger than fiction. Where are they going?

Honeybees – Bees Vanish, and Scientists Race for Reasons – New York Times
More than a quarter of the country’s 2.4 million bee colonies have been lost — tens of billions of bees, according to an estimate from the Apiary Inspectors of America, a national group that tracks beekeeping. So far, no one can say what is causing the bees to become disoriented and fail to return to their hives.

The article points out that the reasons why vary and many are a bit nutty: terrorism, cell phone towers, GM crops. This just isn’t about your Honey Nut Cheerios! Its Global. Many countries in Europe and Latin America report similar problems.

Bees are used to pollinate many food crops. They are considered a critical link in the food chain. The most important insect for agriculture. Combined with the cooler temperatures this spring, which wiped out the fruit crops in many southern states, we could be in for some rough times with food prices. Maybe inflation would start to creep up, leading to the Fed, out of fear of inflation, raising rates. The somewhat shaky demand in the US would fall, sparking a recession. A global recession. Yikes, all from some wayward bees! I want to know more about this.