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Unhappy with your life? Start another! February 28, 2007

Posted by Meg in Internet, social capital, Technology.

Our discussion in class regarding a website with which I was unfamiliar called Second Life sparked my interest. So I did some research and, “Oh my God!” This website enables people to truly create their own fantasy worlds in which they are who they want to be and acquire what they want to have. The virtual people of this world are called avatars. One particular Second Life member, Ray Jay Edwards, is a single, master control operator for a website who lives with his brother. His avatar, however, Rufusing (no typo), is a successful, newlywed architect. As a result of Second Life, Edwards is able to create his own world in which he is everything he may have once dreamed of being in reality. In addition, he is able to meet, date, and marry other avatars. To see the entire news story, visit .

In addition to living in this utopia, Second Life members can actually earn money. We discussed in class how the currency of this world is called linden. One dollar is actually the equivalent of 10,000 lindens. Thus, people are spending and earning actual money via Second Life. $1,391,143 were spent in the past 24 hours.

I’m trying to remain open-minded about this innovation. After all, it appears to be (life-changing?) for some individuals. Yet, how can this lifestyle be healthy? How do members eventually separate the virtual world from the real one? Users must continue living in the real world because a certain amount of dollars are required based on the virtual lifestyle you desire. I, personally, cannot imagine taking part in this creation. I prefer human contact and non-technological things like books. Simply writing this blog is even making me somewhat nautious. I’d like to hear others opinions on this website and in what direction you feel our society may be headed as a result of such innovations.