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Twitter April 5, 2007

Posted by Bertan in blogs, Internet, Social Networking Sites.

Twitter (Twitter.com) is a site which has close connections to our class. We all blog weekly for mgmt339, so I thought I’d talk about a new concept called “microblogging” or “moblogging”. I have checked out the site myself, and though I have questions about privacy, it seems like a pretty decent idea to keep in touch with your friends at all times. “Maybe you’re really busy. Maybe you don’t have much to say. Or maybe you’re just lazy. Not a problem.” is how the site defines it seld because the service allows you to broadcast text messages from your phone, your instanst messenger or the actual site, to their phones and accounts on twitter.com.

Twitter currently has 100,000 members, twice as many as 3 weeks ago. Even John Edwards is a member of twitter and uses it daily. The site became popular two weeks ago at a multimedia fare in Texas where the inventor of the multifunction blog was chosen to be the best designer blogs. Other information says that Twitter is still the most searched blog on search engines which I find a little hard to believe. The reason why Twitter has been on the rise is because they worked out a deal with myspace, and to all those who are addicted to Myspace (which I find ridiculous) can now bring myspace to their phones because messages from myspace is sent to their twitter account which is then sent to the member’s mobile phone.

This new blog site got me thinking why is everyone so interested in having their pictures online, always keeping in touch and meeting or “poking” new people online. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a facebook account too, but just what is it that makes it so popular you think? I will give my thoughts soon because I personally don’t know the answer right now either..


Flashmob- Technology and Org Culture without an Organization? February 23, 2007

Posted by Jordi in Networks, Organizational Culture, Social Networking Sites, Technology.

A UC Davis student  using Facebook apparently, organized (or “organized”?  sparked?) a flashmob earlier this month.  What is a flash mob?

Flashmob – Davis Wiki
A [wikipedia]flashmob is a group of people who are quietly organized, usually through the help of the Internet or other digital communications, to perform a public act. The act is usually odd or striking and involves many people who may have never met each other before the gathering. To the public, no explanation is given and the mob disperses after performing the act.

Over 1000 people gathered.  They chanted “ATM! ATM!” and then dispersed.  Why?  I am not sure.  Maybe one of you can figure out.  Flash mobs are also called swarm intelligence or emergent behavior.  Perhaps the same pyschology of stock bubbles or fashion fads is at work on a more localized level?

Here is the video link.

Is this an example of culture in action?  How does the technology of Facebook influence the culture?  Is his an example of organizational culture without an organization?