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Why we blog…

“To learn to write is to learn to have ideas.” Robert Frost

“There is nothing so practical as a good theory.” Kurt Lewin

“We have met the environment, and it is us…” Not Sure (Maybe me!)

“From its late 17th century inception in modern form, science has strongly privileged the reductionist mode of thought that breaks overt complexity into constituent parts and then tries to explain the totality by the properties of these parts and simple interactions fully predictable from the parts. The reductionism method works triumphantly well for simple systems—predicting eclipses or the motion of the planets, for example. But once again we fell victim to hubris, as we imagined that, in discovering how to unlock some systems, we had found the key for the conquest of all natural phenomenon.Will Parsifal ever learn that only humility (and a plurality of strategies for explanation) can locate the Holy Grail?” Stephen Jay Gould

This blog exists so that the learners (all of us!) in MGMT 339, Organization Theory, can explore and examine organizations as they unfold in the world around us.

Lets put the action back in theory. Lets theorize!

A few guidelines or pointers:

* Blog at least once a week on weeks listed in the syllabus.

* Comment on other people’s blogs (3 per week).

* Types of posts can include

-> From textbook to current events.

-> From current events to textbook

-> Personal experience to theory

-> Develop idea from previous post.

-> Explore the culture of and in organizations (art, pop culture, movies, music)

-> Discuss the organizational environment (economic, political, social, technological)

-> Expand or discuss idea from another blog (make sure you are being original).

* Write clearly and provocatively.

* Clean up your messes (editing, missing words)

* Label posts with a category



1. Professor Jordi - February 1, 2007

Post ideas for new blog titles here! Then I will make a poll.

2. Abby - February 6, 2007

The Way Things Work: In an Organization

3. silviamocanu07 - February 7, 2007

Inside the Business Organization

4. Professor Jordi - February 7, 2007

‘Zation Nation

Putting the “or” in Organization


To Theorize Or Not To Theorize…

Blog Dependency

Shaking the Iron Cage

5. Brian Mulligan - February 13, 2007

Ballin’ Business Org

Organi “Nation”

Organize your life

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